SCDS Comet B.o.T.s!

The Comet B.o.T.s were founded in 2018, and consist of members from Sonoma Country Day School, in Santa Rosa, CA. The team has 14 members: 3 sixth graders, 5 from seventh, and 6 from eighth. In the 2018-19 season, our team participated in Rover Ruckus, the challenge based on picking up minerals from a crater and depositing them into a lander. In the 2021-2022 season, we participated in Freight Frenzy, where we transported lots of freight into different receiving carousels and zones. For more information about this year's challenge, Powerplay, see the left sidebar, or the FIRST Website, below.


We explore new skills and ideas


We use creativity and persistence to solve problems


We apply what we learn to improve our world

Our team visiting Oklahoma to study regenerative farming at Rainmaker Farm, a project of The Gulch Environmental Foundation, and how it applies to this year's FTC game, Powerplay, through biosequestration; helping to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil where it belongs. This process will help slow climate change and improve the water cycle.

“We must harness the regenerative power of Earth, itself!” ~ Kiss the Ground

Oklahoma Trip and Rainmaker Farm Short Documentary: Game Changers and Change Makers

Our Mission Statement

"We are the Builders of Tomorrow...changing our globe one idea at a time"